Author Promotion: The Holy Grail, by Guest Blogger Allan Leverone

Amazon multi-list bestseller The Lonely Mile

 Amazon Bestselling author Allan Leverone’s book THE LONELY MILE has just hit the top 5 on 2 Amazon bestseller lists.  He’s here to blog today about author promotion.

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Author Promotion: The Holy Grail

by Allan Leverone

I’m like every other author out there. I want you to read my book, and when you’re done with it, I want you to recommend it to a friend, and then go buy another of my books. That’s my goal. And any author who tells you he doesn’t share that goal is either lying or needs to stop writing books immediately and keep a diary instead.

And while I freely admit to trying virtually all of the above promotional methods, plus some others as well—and will undoubtedly continue to try them in the future—I’m coming to grips with the fact that promotion is hit-or-miss, and the best thing I can do for my career is keep writing the highest-quality fiction I can.

Because book-buying is driven by name-recognition, and sooner or later you will pick up one of my books and you will check it out, and I want you to feel like I wrote it specifically for you. And I want you to remember my name and think of me as the guy who wrote the book that spoke directly to you.

Because that’s really the only thing I can control in this strange writing gig.


Allan Leverone is the author of the acclaimed thrillers, FINAL VECTOR (Medallion Press) and THE LONELY MILE (StoneHouse Ink), as well as the horror novellas DARKNESS FALLS and HEARTLESS, both from Delirium Books. He is a three-time Derringer Award finalist for excellence in short mystery fiction and a 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee. Allan lives in Londonderry, NH with his family, where he is hard at work on his next book. Learn more at www.allanleverone.com.

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